Our Story

The FIT Lab opened in March 2013. From day one, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering tailored fitness strategies that incorporate consistent training and nutrition into a lifestyle-centered approach. We stand apart by prioritizing sustainable results in a market overly focused on intensity and quick fixes. Our membership is comprised of a community of like-minded people who strive to improve their health and happiness one percent every day, both in and outside of the gym. The FIT Lab team is invested in helping each member achieve their goals while improving their overall quality of life.

Our Mission

Leave no doubt how much we care, from the first interaction to the last. We are dedicated to helping our members achieve real, sustainable results through tailored fitness programs and ongoing support.

Our Approach

The FIT Lab offers personal One-on-One and Small-Group Personal Training with an experienced team of coaches, in an environment built on a foundation of Respect, Knowledge, Safety, and Professionalism. Our comprehensive approach Integrates Science-based Strength-training Workouts, Nutrition Coaching, and Remote Support via our members-only communication hub.
We pride ourselves on Honesty and Transparency. In that spirit, we expect our members to hold themselves accountable. Achieving fitness and health goals requires more than just showing up. Following sound principles of nutrition, recovery, stress management and movement will play a critical role in your overall success.We take our members’ fitness and health seriously and expect them to do the same. That’s why we provide the resources, motivation, and support when it comes to these priorities – in addition to smart, kick-ass workouts in a fun and positive environment.

Giving Back

Giving back to our local and global communities is another core value of The FIT Lab. The charities we are currently supporting and encouraging others to consider donating to include:
www.giveindia.org: We wanted to support those hit especially hard by the COVID-19 global pandemic.
www.8billiontrees.com: In an attempt to offset the carbon footprint that our gym creates.
www.feedingamerica.org: Supporting NJ food banks to help feed those in need.
The years of the pandemic have hit small businesses hard, but we know how lucky we are and make it a priority to always pay it forward.